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Tubi 60 in Budapest – Hungary. What is going on?

Tubi 60 in Budapest

When we first saw the store locator we were sure there is something wrong with it. A week ago, visiting Budapest – the beautiful capital city of Hungary, we were trying to find bars that have Tubi 60. We did not expect what came next; on the map, appeared many, many bars that serve Tubi!!!  we went to check it out …

Recently, Tubi 60 has become one of the best unkept secrets of the Budapest nightlife scene. It has become the bartenders shot of choice and more and more people have been discovering the wonder.  Everywhere we went and ordered Tubi we were received with a smile and positive vibes as if by having Tubi we were part of the “ones who know about the good stuff” family. Pure happiness!!!

Budapest nightlife

Rony (Tubi 60 importer in Hungary):

” I’ve been living in Hungary for the last 7 years, Budapest has become my home. I like the people and see myself as part of the local culture scene. While visiting my family in Israel 4 years ago, I quickly realized that there was a huge thing going on in the nightlife scene that many people were talking about. It did not take me long to put my hands on a Tubi 60 bottle. By the 5th shot I immediately undershoot what people were talking about, this euphoric positive “feel” of the Tubi. It was love at first sight. The first thing that came to my mind was the realization that I must bring this wonder to Hungary to share it with my friends back home.  The rest is history.”

Budapest is booming with vibrant bars of all kinds, styles and atmospheres. Amazingly, it seems like Tubi 60 has become an integral part of the current nightlife renaissance and is well appreciated by the expert bar and party goers in the city. If you’re anywhere near Budapest, do not miss out on a chance to visit!!!

You can get you Tubi bottle here: Tubi 60 Hungary

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