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What happens when you party on Tubi 60 all night – Report

Party on Tubi 60 – Report

Tubi 60 is the BEST DRINK EVER. You wanna know why? Here is an unedited experience report:

Hey ?

I wanted to share with you guys an experience I had.

Last Friday there was a UNITY party in “Haoman 17” in Tel Aviv. I also had my birthday that Saturday so, I decided that I’m not gonna drink any alcohol, or smoke a joint and nothing else – JUST Tubi. I had 3/4 of a bottle and I went in the club. We danced, had fun and laughed. Then, I told a friend I had more Tubi in the car so we went outside. He had 2 shots and I drank the rest of the bottle. We went back in.

Wowww simply WoWWW !!

The drunkness feel was so clean and pure, though it was very strong it was perfect. I didn’t look like a drunk swinging from one side to another looking like a zombie. I simply looked like the happiest person in the world and I actually felt that way. I was the star of the night and everyone wanted to be around me and asked me what did I take. I told everybody: Tubi 60 !!!. Me Facebook is full of messages and questions about Tubi. Anyway, I felt that I had to share this with you. I had a bottle of Tubi to drink and had the most wonderful night ever. Thank you Thank youuuuu!!

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