Tubi 60 was invented and developed in 2012 by two brothers, Hilal and Yanai Tubi in Haifa, Israel. The beginning was as small as it gets and like many well-known pioneers, they started out in their parent’s apartment.

Having an almost utopian vision and loads of positive energies, they went on to walk and extraordinary path. Today, with the help of many good people, Tubi 60 has become internationally recognized and is sold in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Norway. This is the Tubi story : )


The idea triggering the development of Tubi 60 emerged from an aspiration to create a spirit that was superior to the rest. Superior in quality of ingredients, taste, versatility and most importantly – effect.

What drove the brothers to design a drink was the realization that what stocks spirit shelves at the time was made with the goal of generating profit rather than quality. It was clear that it was time for a change.

Change did come. Through a long process of research and development involving scientists, botanists, and food specialists, the brothers formulated the recipe and process for Tubi. All along, they stayed true to their aim of creating a hi-end spirit with a smooth yet complex taste and a superior positive feel that bring happiness to the world. Tubi 60 was born.


In 2013 the brothers completed all of the approvals and licenses required by the Health Standards Board of Israel. Soon after, they moved into their first distillery in Haifa.

A short while after Tubi was introduced, word about the new, magical and innovative drink began spreading across Israel by word of mouth. People who got to try Tubi for the first time were excited, very much intrigued and wanted to let others know about it.

Calls from bar and shop owners began coming in. People were asking them to serve this “new” wonder drink nobody has heard of. Demand rose exponentially.


By mid-2014, the buzz around Tubi 60 reached peak levels. People were cueing in lines outside stores waiting for the Tubi delivery to arrive. Photos, videos and stories about crazy Tubi nights were pouring into Tubi 60‘s social media accounts. Demand rose so much and so fast it even outpaced the brother’s ability to produce enough from their small distillery.

Barely managing not to get crushed by the fast scale up they needed to execute, in 2015 the brothers moved the to a new, bigger, state of the art distillery in Haifa. Tubi 60 was ready to go overseas.


By the end of 2016, Tubi 60 had laid the framework to make its first international steps. Driven by demand from many Tubi loving people who were relentlessly requesting Tubi to be brought to their home towns, export began to the USA, Hungary, and Norway. The first shipments arrived in early 2017.

In 2018 Tubi expanded even more and was introduced in Switzerland, Austria and Germany as there was a growing demand for it in Berlin and other cities.

If you live in one of those countries – you can get Tubiiiiiii !! Check out the Buy Online or the Store Locator pages.

In 2019 Tubi will be introduced in France, Italy and Canada. It will also make its first expansion into Asia : )


The first shipment of Tubi abroad landed in Texas in February 2017. It took less than 15 days for Spec’s – the leading chain liquor store in Texas to stock it on their shelves – record time. Within a few short months you could find it in store shelves all over the state of Texas. Tubi 60 was enthusiastically received by the cocktail bar scene in Austin and San Antonio. You can now find it on cocktail menus from Austin to San Antonio, with the best bartenders in each city showcasing how versatile Tubi is.

Tubi 60 USA

New York, California and Florida soon followed. Thanks to the many dedicated fans who were awaiting Tubi 60‘s arrival to the US, you can find it in many stores and in all the big chains like Total Wines and Twin Liquor.

In 2018, Tubi kept expanding to more states. You can now get yourself a bottle in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania too!!

Our top priority is to make sure anyone that wants Tubi 60 in the US can get it within a few minutes’ drive. So, if you want to have it at your nearby bar or liquor store, just ask for it and tell them to contact us and we’ll take care of it.

Thank you for reading, now it’s time to pour some Tubi : )

Tubi 60 Story glass


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