Tubi 60 is a category creating, natural herbal spirit. Made with high quality, all-natural ingredients and designed to make you happy, Tubi 60 is liquid euphoria. More than an alcohol, it’s an elixir.

Tubi 60 is cloudy, citrus-colored liquor that has the look of something raw and yet pure. It’s as though its makers discovered something wild and rare within nature, and bottled it with all its magic inside.

Magic, in fact, is good word to describe Tubi 60’s elevating effects. Don’t be fooled by its simple bottle and humble presentation – Tubi is an elite, out-of-this-world spirit, delivering time after time on its promise of Pure Happiness.

Natural ingredients like citrus and ginger give it its clean, tart, fresh flavor. You can shoot is, or pour it over nothing but ice. Add almost any mixer and you get an edge some might call unfair. As if that weren’t enough, it is carefully crafted to minimize hangovers the next morning.

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The facts:
– 40% Alcohol
– Gluten free
– Vegan friendly
– Kosher
– Keep chilled
– Drink ice cold
– Shake well before pouring


Tubi 60’s unique flavor packs a burst of aromas truly unlike anything you’ve had before (trust us).

The first taste of Tubi delivers a flash of flavors that reveals new layers with every sip. It is so unique that for some, it can take more than few seconds to begin to process the complexity of its herbal landscape. If you are about to try Tubi for the first time, buckle up – your flavor senses are going for a ride : )

Citrus elements, balanced with a masterful blend of herbs and spices create a harmony of flavors from all over the spectrum that ensures every sip goes down smoothly while softening the scent of alcohol. It’s the kind of flavor that once you get it – makes you want more and more.


Tubi 60 is all about the experience. It’s about making people happy. Tubi 60 was made to elicit the most uplifting and positive ‘feel’ a spirit can provide. This pure happiness ‘feel’ has become the signature of Tubi 60 and what it is best known for. It is also the reason word about Tubi spread so fast and had traveled across the globe.

When someone is exposed to such a good experience, they’ll want to tell their friend about it. This is what drives Tubi forwards. If you ask a Tubi fan who has converted to drinking only Tubi, “Why drink Tubi?” – the answer you’ll most likely to get is: “Nothing makes me feel as good as I do when I drink Tubi.”

To make sure you enjoy the purest Tubi 60 effect, leave other spirits aside and make it a “Tubi 60 only” night or day.

Remember to enjoy responsibly.


Tubi 60 is made from citrus elements, herbs, spices, tree and flower extracts, including ginger, mint, saffron, turmeric, cumin, and ginseng.

Tubi 60 is hand crafted with natural ingredients of the highest quality and were carefully chosen to form a uniquely rich and inviting taste while delivering an uplifting, clear and positive effect.

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