And now, Tubi cocktails!

Being the swiss army knife of alcohol, you can mix Tubi 60 with almost anything in any way, depending on what you like and how you like to drink it.

There are two kinds of Tubi cocktails. The first, is when you use Tubi as the only alcoholic component and the second, is when you craft a Tubi cocktail with more spirits.

We definitely like the purity of the Tubi “feel”, and recommend the “only Tubi” cocktails if you want the real Tubi experience but, on the other hand, some of the crafted Tubi cocktails are so incredibly delicious, you can’t have enough of them and with all the love for a clear Tubi “feel”, when done right, they are very much irresistible.

Scroll down to check out the cocktails and feel free to send us photos and recipes of your best Tubi cocktails. Enjoy!


Tubi 60 Cocktail Tubi Libre


The Tubi Libre was discovered on a hot Israeli noon in 2015. It was hot and humid, and we were looking for something refreshing to drink slowly to cool ourselves.

The key for success with the Tubi Libre is a huge glass full of ice.


2 oz Tubi 60   

Top with Coca Cola

Lots of ice

Lemon slice

Tubi 60 Cocktail Tonic


Tubi Tonic is one of one of the most common Tubi cocktails, and there is a good reason why. The tonic and Tubi flavors complement each other and create such a delicious synergy, that it is as if the two were made to be together.


2 oz Tubi 60   

Top with tonic

Lemon slices

Cucumber slices

Tubi 60 Cocktail Tonic Cranberry


Tubi Tonic is indeed a winner but, it even gets better. The “Red” in the Red Tubi Tonic comes from adding cranberry juice, flavoring the cocktail with extra fruitiness while keeping it light and fresh.


2 oz Tubi 60  

2 oz cranberry juice

Top with tonic

Lemon slices

Tubi 60 Cocktail Moran Moran


The Moran Moran was invented by Moran Sternberg, a student of engineering in the Technion institute of technology. During his study years Moran came up with the idea of combining Tubi and strawberries and it became the flagship cocktail of his class.


2 oz Tubi 60  

1/2 oz strawberry syrup

Top with soda

Sliced strawberries

Combine the Tubi, the strawberry syrup and few strawberry slices in a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Arrange the rest of the strawberry slices in a glass with ice, then  

pour shaker content into the glass. Top with soda and garnish with thyme or mint leaves.

Tubi 60 Cocktail Soda Grapefruit


Full of herbs, bursting with flavors and aromas, yet very easy to make, the Aurora is the one of the smoothest Tubi cocktails. It tastes like a garden in a glass.


2 oz Tubi 60

2 oz grapefruit juice

2 oz clear apple juice

Top with soda

Lime slices

Mint, Thyme, Aloysia,

Lemon leaf  

Combine the Tubi and a portion of all the herbs in a glass and press using a fork then pour the liquid into a glass filled with ice and add the juice, the lime slices and the herbs.

Tubi 60 Cocktail Light Mule

Tubi Cranberry Mule

Like the Tubi Libre, the Tubi Cranberry Mule was first mixed on a hot Saturday noon. It has a unique complex flavor yet is super easy to make. It is important to use a big glass full of ice.


2 oz Tubi 60  

Ginger ale

Cranberry juice

Fill the glass with ice and pour the Tubi. Add ginger ale almost to the top and steer.  

Pour the cranberry juice slowly to fill the glass.

Tubi 60 Story glass


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